NetBiter EC Series Gateways


Netbiter ARGOS Cloud


These Netbiter® Easy Connect products are small robust remote data collectors for the Netbiter Cloud Server with a range of common discrete and analog I/O’s to integrate with I/O based installations.

They are designed to be plug-n-play and easy to install, configure and maintain.

The Netbiter Argos Cloud server is an online management portal that collects remote data to constantly monitor the health, readiness and geographical position of remote devices 24/7. It’s plug-n-play structure makes it possible to do large scale installations quickly and without being an IT/GPRS expert.


There are 3 EC series gateway models

1. The EC220


2. EC310 & EC350

Please download the EC series Data Sheet to see individual specs


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Product Documentation


EC series Data Sheet

EC Series User Manual