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Accuenergy expands RIK series offerings

The Accuenergy Rogowski Integrator Kit (RIK) provides users with an easy-to-install, plug- n-play solution to be used with any power meter. The Rogowski Integrator Kit will allow the installation of Rogowski coil CTs in a variety of applications where space constraints may limit the use of other current transformers.


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Acuvim IIBN BACnet Series


The New Acuvim II-BN energy meter has built-in BACnet communications and is specifically designed to monitor and collect real-time revenue-grade electrical data for building control and automation applications. The meter displays multiple energy parameters such as voltage, ampere, power factor, harmonic distortions, energy and demand data making it ideal for three-phase, two-phase and single-phase systems to track energy consumption and trends.

BACnet Certification

Acivum IIBN is certified by the BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) to ensure standard compliance, reliability and interoperability across a wide range of system integration. 


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Introducing the NEW AXM-WEB Ethernet Module

 for Acuvim2 Power Meter

The AXM-WEB ethernet module provides a network connection to the Acuvim II power meter that enables the following features:

  • Industry leading 100ms response rate via Modbus-TCP/IP protocol
  • Secure HTTPS data encryption to cloud server
  • Metering data backup log to avoid data loss during network downtime
  • Two-tier user management system to provide efficient monitoring and access
  • Support common protocols Modbus-TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS Post, FTP & SNTP

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Acumesh wireless RS485 networking

The AcuMesh wireless RS485 network solution completely eliminates the need for RS485 communication wiring. Each device, or group of devices can directly connect to an AcuMesh transceiver, and the job is done. The AcuMesh transceiver transparently runs with any protocol and transmits data and commands wirelessly within a network. The AcuMesh communicates from slave to master, from sensors and meters to data acquisition servers and gateways cost effectively and with minimal challenge.



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